Emperor Hirohito of Japan

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Emperor Hirohito of Japan

Crown chakra: importance of stillness

The Limiting stress: In today’s world many people are very busy. The busier they get the more disconnected they feel. The less time they have to reconnect and just be. Disconnection from our true path is often the outcome of a lack of stillness. It is in the times when we are the busiest and most stressed that it is also most important to find peace and stillness, so we can reconnect.

Meditation or any practice that allows us stillness of the mind is useful, this would be related to both Brow and Crown chakra.

The Story: Emperor Hirohito of Japan was making a state visit to Thailand. It was the first visit by a Japanese Emperor in many generations. The aide responsible for the visit had every minute planned out. That morning the Emperor had already visited four important sites and had meetings with few key officials from Thailand. At around midday they arrived at a small Buddhist temple where they would spend exactly 12 minutes. So far, all the meetings have been working like clockwork and the aide and his entourage were pleased that the day was flowing exactly to plan. The Emperor entered the small temple at exactly 12:05 and according to the schedule he would talk with the monks until 12:15 then he would be off to his next meeting.

As they entered the temple and looked around the Monks were nowhere to be seen. The aide was mortified and quickly made an excuse and rushed off to find them. How could this happen? He had confirmed with the staff of the temple three times! This did not disturb the Emperor. It is said that he just stood silently in the middle of the room, totally at peace with himself.

Precisely 12 minutes after they entered, the Emperor walked out and signalled that it is time to move on to the next appointment. On his way out of the temple his aide caught up and before he spoke, the Emperor turned to him and said “Thank you. I enjoyed that appointment very much, please schedule me another one for tomorrow.” It is said that Emperor Hirohito visited that city for 5 days and exactly at 12:05 each day he stood in silence in the small Buddhist temple totally at peace with himself. Never once he talked with the monks who had lunch from 12:00pm.

Heart acu-point – Ht-4Ht-4

Key points to remember the story

  • Hirohito of Japan was the first Emperor to visit Thailand in over 100 years
  • Every part of the trip was carefully planned by his aide
  • Every moment of the trip was accounted for
  • On the first day Hirohito visited gardens that belonged to Monks so he could talk to them for exactly 12 minutes
  • When they arrive at exactly the correct time the monks were not there
  • The aide panicked and quickly went looking for any monk so the Emperor can talk to someone
  • The Emperor closes his eyes and just stands there
  • Exactly after 12 minutes he turns around and begins to leave for his next appointment
  • Hirohito tells the aide that this was the most enjoyable appointment and to please book him another one for every day that they are in Thailand
  • Hirohito visits the monastery every day never speaking to the monks

Potential questions for the client.

  • Why did the Emperor request for that appointment to be repeated every day of his stay in Thailand?
  • What can be gained from stillness?