Creative Rewarding

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Creativity in solving problems
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Creative Rewarding

Sacral Chakra: Creativity in solving problems

The Story: A stranger moves into an old house on the edge of the town. The house has been abandoned for many years and the local kids have used it as a hang out. Now that he has moved in, they will no longer be able to go there. Being kids, they decide to throw rubbish at the house and when the man walks out, they make smart remarks and even called him abusive names.

The older man approaches the kids, who keep verbally abusing him. He laughs and says, “Is that the best you can do?” The kids get furious that the man is not angry, but rather seems to be laughing at them. They talked about it at school and decide to pay him another visit. After school a whole hoard of kids turn up and dump rubbish in his front yard and start shouting abusively at the man. Like the day before, he walks out, smiles and says “Is that the best you can do? From where I come from the kids up there can swear much better than you. I tell you what, why don’t you come back tomorrow and if you have better, stronger more vile abusive things to say I will give you all $2 a piece.”

The kids went away and planned all day their vilest, most abusive remarks. The next day they came in force and shout at the top of their lungs. After a few minutes the man comes out, smiling, and says “Very good.” He then proceeds to give each child $2. “If you come back tomorrow and do even better, and shout even louder and longer, I will give you $1 each.” That day many of the kids thought about what they will shout and how they could be even more vile and abusive than the day before.

After school they came and started shouting and swearing at the top of their lungs. The man allowed them to shout for several minutes and than finally came out. He was smiling again and said, “that was very good” and proceeded to give each of them $1.

“I tell you what, if you come back tomorrow and shout even louder and longer and I feel that you are even more abusive I will give you 10c each.”

“10c?” said one of the kids, “is that all?” “That’s all I have” said the man.

“That’s not worth it” said the ringleader, and they all left and never returned.

Key points to remember the story

  • A man buys an old house that has been used by the local kids as a hang out
  • They are not happy with this and abuse him and throw rubbish in his yard
  • The man shows some creative thinking
  • He challenges them to be viler and more abusive and rewards them for it
  • The next day he rewards them again but gives them less money
  • Next day he challenges them again but offers to give them only fraction of the money
  • The kids decide it’s not worth it and never return

Potential Questions for the client.

  • What do you feel is the message within this story?
  • Is creative thinking important?