Ki6 Zhao Hai – Sea of illumination

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Balance Type
Yin Qiao Mai PointsEmotions Spirit and DestinyAdvanced VHS/MBMYang Wei Mai Points
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Balance for
anxiety overwhelm fear sense of urgency calm the mind
Ba Gua

Location: depression directly below medial malleolus.

This point enables us to plunge in the waters at the depths of our being, illuminating our life with wisdom. In these waters we come to respect our inner beauty and open to the beauty around us. This is a very important point because it unites the power of both fire and water, and relates directly to authentic yin and yang. Fire represents the yang, outer, vibrant; water the yin, inner, rest. When we achieve a balance in yin and yang our life is an expression of our inner nature and an expression of our destiny.

In a sense it is at this point that our yin accepts our yang, our inner nature is at peace with the way we are expressing ourselves in the world, our inner nature is at peace with the world. This point is useful for states where anxiety, overwhelm, fear and a general sense of urgency prevail. It helps to calm our mind, so that we can unmuddy the waters of chaos, allowing them to settle and promoting inner reflection.

Imagine: looking at water that is murky. This water is symbolic of your mind when it is full of anxiety and fear. Breathe deeply into your belly and allow the waters to settle and clear. Notice how the waters begin to reflect both the world around them and the world underneath the water as they settle. So to will your mind reflect both the world around and the world inside when it is still and calm.