GB13 Ben Shen - The root of spirit

Balance Type
Emotions Spirit and DestinyAdvanced VHS/MBMYang Wei Mai Points
Balance information
Balance for
internal stress illness spiritual roots rejuvenation future growth inwardly united connect outward
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GB13 Ben Shen - The root of spirit

Location: 3 cun lateral of midline, 0.5 cun within hairline of forehead.

Ben relates to the roots of a tree and Shen relates to spirit and awareness. Ling Shu Chapter 8 has a similar title and covers the importance of spirit in treating all illness. When our life does not reflect our spirit, the conflict creates internal stress and that promotes illness.

This point brings us in contact with our spiritual roots. This connection provides a source of rejuvenation and the potential for future growth. When connected with our roots we are inwardly united and are able to connect to all around us.

Imagine: being a tree standing tall and straight. Your quest is to grow upwards towards the sun. Become aware of your great root system buried in the soil below. These roots provide the foundation for growth in your life. They nourish you, providing water and minerals. They also hold you firmly to the ground, protecting you when the winds of life buffet you from time to time. They represent your inner self/core. Your core provides the foundation for growth and strength and security in times when the winds of life blow hard against you.