Bl63 Jin Men – Rich gateway of gold

Mode Category
Balance Type
Emotions Spirit and DestinyAdvanced VHS/MBMYang Wei Mai Points
Balance information
Balance for
inner essence beauty within beauty outside flow in life true path overcome fear driven impotent outwardly flow dissipate fears

Bl63 Jin Men – Rich gateway of gold

Location: posterior and anterior to the external malleolus (ankle), in the outside of the cuboid bone.

The golden gate is symbolic of the gate of creation from which all things come and all things return. This point provides a gateway to our inner essence so we can touch the beauty within and without. It connects us to what is precious inside. It can help bring inspiration and to grasp the golden opportunity.

It helps us go with the flow in life and to walk our true path. It is useful for times when fear has either made us overly driven or impotent. When we are overly driven our mind becomes too busy for us to connect within. When we are impotent fear has taken over our life to a point where we cannot flow in harmony with what is inside. When we open up to what is inside, our fears dissipate as we inwardly unify, allowing us to outwardly flow.

Imagine: falling gently through a gateway, down and down until you land in a room full of gold and precious stones. In this room you can connect with all that is precious inside of you. This beauty comes from your spirit. As you look around allow it to inspire you to express this great beauty in your life.