Ba Gua & Calculator

The handy online calculator made by Cam Incoll with quick reference pages for the Ba Gua originally written by David Corby, and compiled and augmented by Cam Incoll.

Also known as Nine Star Ki, or 9 star ki from Feng Shui.

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Ba Gua CalculatorBa Gua Calculator

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Ba Gua Calculator


Ba Gua Calculator will generate the three digit Ba Gua number. Useful for quick use in balance, or when on-the-go from your phone. Bookmark it in your browser, or add the bookmark to your home screen.

Ba Gua Reference Table


The calculator is supported by a rich and comprehensive database about the archetypes for use as a reference or in balance with clients.



The overview page includes how to interpret the Ba Gua numbers, plus an Activation and Balance list.

Ba Gua Reference Pages


Each archetype in the Ba Gua includes a rich, detailed and comprehensive page of information, each with new attribute section at the top, plus detailed description of each archetype. Also includes some balance points appropriate to that archetype.

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Acknowledgement: Ba Gua information from David Corby's Vibrational Healing Systems from College of Complementary Medicine.



The rich and comprehensive pages on the Ba Gua archetypes for use as a reference or in balance with clients. Use the table of contents as the IP/DI list then jump to the appropriate section.