Masculine-Feminine Archetypes

These descriptions of the masculine and feminine archetypes are useful to help people integrate and accept different aspects of themselves.

Often people seek from others what they need to find within themselves, and understanding the masculine and feminine energies as desirable traits in any person can help on this journey.

For others accepting the darker stronger aspects of their archetypal energy can help them accept themselves, and find within themselves that which they seek externally.

One can embrace all aspects of light, dark, masculine and feminine in divine union within.

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Printable A4 reference sheet.

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👫Masculine-Feminine Archetypes


How to use the archetypes

Use the archetype lists like emotion lists in session to help elicit further insight with client as you explore the relationship they have with deeper aspects of themselves. One day I will write a balance for these like toxic emotions, or attitudes to pain.