Emotional Release Tools

The Emotional Release Tools are a way of clearing activated trauma. Can be used as self help or as part of a balance.

Emotional Release Tools Reference Page


The Emotional Release Tools include an introduction and overview about when and how to use the tools—note that some of these tools might best be used with supervision, especially in the case of releasing stored trauma.

Emotional Release Tool database Overview


The Emotional Release Tools database includes tags that suggest how this tool might be be appropriate for different kinds of emotions and release.



This is the overview of all the emotional release tools.

Emotional Release Tools Procedure


The tools are straight forward and easy to follow.

Acknowledgment: These tools are taught by ISTA as part of their Shamanic Tantra workshops. The Tools are derived from and inspired by many great sources including shamanic work, Osho meditations and the Levine/Scaer work on survival instincts. The ISTA notes were added to by Simon Rose and Elaine Young. Also extended from the initial seven tools to twelve with work from The Soul Connection.