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From Nick Moss: I have worked with Fibromyalgia and have fully resolved a few cases over the last few years. You have to view it as a brain condition. It's not structural and usually results from either Central Sensitisation or Peripheral sensitization or both. They both essentially mean the nervous system winds up and it's often interlinked with a lot of emotional/sympathetic activity and/or systemic inflammation. They often have traumatic childhoods which affect their nervous system development and often there is a singular event such as concussion, severe accident, or massive psychological trauma that triggers it. It's a chronic pain syndrome and all chronic pain is a result of the perceived threat by the nervous system, whether conscious or subconscious. What I have seen also is there is a 'suffering' mindset and the longer the pain has gone along the more likely they will self-sabotage as they are often many limiting beliefs around staying in pain and being scared of being healthy. As they are not used to being pain-free, when it happens they can freak out and create more symptoms so you have to be careful. Basically, anything that reduces threat and clams the nervous system as a whole, combined with a graded movement therapy approach and nutritional support is the best bet. Always tricky but very rewarding when you see them pain-free and thriving again. If you to know more about the pain science and neurology behind it, I did an online short course earlier in the year called "Chronic Pain, the Brain and Neuroplasticity" so once it's on my website backend I can give you access. It's a very comprehensive look at how to treat chronic pain through a neuro lens.