The character for oppression is symbolic of a person moving with troubles in their head and heart. Oppression relates to all the elements, not just metal - grief and sadness. It oppresses the free circulation of qi and yang. Qi closes down and is blocked. Oppression and sorrow are closely linked, and oppression can lead to melancholy. Sadness is a denial of what has happened, oppression is a complete immobilisation contrary to the movement of life. The Spleen, lungs and liver are particularly affected by oppression.


~ Pensiveness ~

Pensiveness is very similar to worry in its character and effect. It consists in brooding, constantly thinking about certain events or people (even though not worrying), nostalgic hankering after the past and generally thinking intensely about life rather than living it.

“Pensiveness makes the Heart [Qi] accumulate, and causes the Mind to converge: the Upright Qi settles and does not move and therefore Qi stagnates.”

In extreme cases, pensiveness leads to obsessive thoughts. In a different sense, pensiveness also includes excessive mental work in the process of one's work or study.

Pensiveness will therefore cause similar symptoms as outlined above for worry.