Key Insight
Physical connection
Physical Symptom
Exterior illness includes acute episodes of cold and flu, and generally quick onset illnesses. Some external conditions that may be chronic include pain along channels - eg. toothache, earache, headache - or pain in joints (Arthritis).
Psych (excess)
Psych (deficient)
Related Principle
More specific principle
Look for
fever, aversion to cold, aching body, stiff neck, Floating pulse
Questions to ask
Pulse position

The focus of this diagnosis is the relative depth of the disease in the body. When speaking of the body in TCM, the Exterior refers to the skin, muscles and Channels. The Exterior Qi is the relatively Yang Defensive (Wei) Qi. The Interior refers to the Organs, which are nourished by the relatively Yin Nutritive (Ying) Qi.

Combines Exterior with Heat, Cold, Full, Empty