View of heavens, consciousness (Eyes Bright)

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Eyes Bright


The eyes relate to us getting in contact with God and heaven outside ourselves. They play a role in us living our destiny because the spirit of heaven is channelled by the eyes to the heart and from there we use our will to link this view of heaven to our Jing or spiritual template. Eyes are the holes where a person’s life arrives, and these points help us to receive life and spiritual brightness emanating from heaven.

Choose a visualisation that relates vision of God to the underlying issue. It could be about seeing how God/spirit infuses energy into all beings – for example:

Visualisation: As I hold these points imagine yourself in a forest. You have walked through forests like this before but this time we are going to view much more than the eyes usually view. Through most of life you may have walked around without seeing from the spirit, seeing beyond the physical into your heart, the heart of others and the life force that surrounds us all. When you are ready you can take off the blinkers that have covered your eyes and allow yourself to see the life force in the plants, animals and earth that surrounds you. See how you are an integral part of your surroundings, belonging, and connected to everything around you.