True Intent (Thought Shelter)

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Individual Sprit Points
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quiets the mindworry about otherstue intentConnection to the Dao or spiritexpressing soul
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Thought Shelter


This point is for those who need shelter from their thoughts. Their mind is constantly active, particularly in thinking through the consequences of their actions for other people or worrying about others (especially close friends and family) particular when others are unhappy.

The challenge is to go beyond ego desire. Often they are outwardly giving and repulsed by the notion of selfish behaviour. However this masks their inward motivations for giving that reflect a need for other people to be happy for them to be happy. This over-sensitivity to other people’s feelings drives their giving, and tends to make them ingratiating.

The challenge is to transform this ingratiating nature into one of integrity and acting with true intent. To do this they must recognise the importance of expressing their soul, and acting with integrity to their soul. They need to place their soul first rather than acting to preserve their relationships by trying to support others.

Allow your thoughts to wonder and calm as I hold these points on your back. Take three deep breaths, imagine your body and mind becoming empty and receptive. Allow the energy that surrounds us and permeates all living things to penetrate, enliven and bring peace to your body and mind. This sense of peace is available to you when you follow your truth and live in harmony with your heart and spirit. Being yourself, not what you feel others want or need you to be.