Spiritual energy (Spirit Storehouse)

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Individual Sprit Points
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spirit true path
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Spirit Storehouse


The reserve of spirit stored in the heart. Helps the heart to rule the other channels, so the person to move on their true path.

Imagine looking at your heart beating in your chest. Within this heart is a tiny doorway to a large room. Enter that room and go over to the large well in the corner of the room. As you peer into the well recognise that you are not peering at ordinary water. This water sparkles like the stars. It seems to shimmer with the colours of the rainbow. You feel as if you could stare into its depths for eternity and still only see a part of its great beauty.
This well and the water is a part of you. The water is your store of spirit. It is the water of life. It enables you to walk your path and unlock your potential. Place your hand into the well and put some of this water to your lips. Feel it transform and invigorate your body.
Recognise that any time you need nourishment in order to walk your true path this water is available to you. It will enable you to accomplish anything that aligns to your purpose.