Spirit Gate

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Ht7 Shen Men - Spirit Gate

Location: Wrist crease between the middle tendons and the tendons on the ulnar side of the arm

This gateway point enables us to connect with the beauty around us and enable others to connect with the beauty within us. It is through love that we get to share ourselves with others, be fully understood and to be able to understand others. The essential character of this gateway is openness. If the gate is closed our relationships suffer and we are unable to be nourished in relationships. Our life will feel cold and colourless. If the gate is always open, we will have issues with boundaries. We are likely to feel at times over-exposed and worried about being hurt. This can lead us to overly focussing on meeting others needs to be loved.

The key to transforming either pattern is to recognise that it is paramount that we allow the heart to take over the role of guardian – so that it regulates how open the gate is. This way our heart’s expression will be instinctive, resulting from a spontaneous appraisal of the external environment. When we act this way, we will have very good social skills and embrace a sense of propriety.

Visualise: A wall in a city with a crack that light is shining through. The light source is your heart. Every brick in the wall represents barriers you put in the way of opening to others. If you let go of your mind’s constraint a giant gate will form in this wall. If you allow the heart to control this gate, then it will open when you are safe to express your heart, and this will allow out pure radiant light. Equally, when necessary, it may close moment by moment according to the wisdom of the heart.


A gate opening to the spirit from the heart.

Imagine walking through a gate into the light. The light feels like home, peaceful calm, blissful. Sense the mysteries of the universe and the connection to all things.