Spirit connection in life (Door to Corporeal Soul)

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Individual Sprit Points
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Letting Gosense of selforiginal selfspirittrue selftrue natureself esteem
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Door of the Corporeal Soul


This point helps a person let go of attachments to the past or to people or things and be able to connect with the spirit within. When connected the person’s actions align with this deep sense of self. They do not try to establish value through their actions. They recognise that the only thing of value is spirit and because everyone has spirit then everyone has equal value.

Imagine standing before a door, as you did before you were born, connected to spirit, at peace with the universe, with no thoughts. You are surrounded by light and feel connected with the universe. Enter through the door into the world, born into the body but connected still, integrating body and spirit. Imagine meeting other people, being able to smell and see their spirit and their connection to spirit. Recognise that we are all connected with spirit, we have individual bodies but are connected through spirit, like leaves on a tree are separate but all still part of the tree.