Self-esteem (Great Esteem)

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Great Esteem


For self-esteem that is derived from a vision of the principles that comprise our essential nature and provide our physical root and grounding. This point helps discern the aspects of self that are compromised and those that are fundamental principles that must be supported and preserved. For people who act as if any compromise is a personal affront – partly because of a history of feeling compromised and uncertain about their true nature.

Imagine you are a medium sized tree. The winds of life buffet you from time to time, presenting an obstacle to you achieving your destiny of growing tall and wide. It is important to be flexible enough to bend with the wind. If you are too inflexible that the wind will snap your limbs. However, do not be so flexible that the wind pushes you over. The key to growth is to allow for a little flexibility each day but to never lose sight of the ultimate objective.