Returning to original nature (Returning Current)

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loss and return of original nature tonify Ki yin and yang primordial qi original nature
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Returning to Original Nature

Returning Current Ki7

The loss and return of original nature. It helps regain vitality to fuel another round of personal evolution. It tonifies kidney yin and yang so that the integrity of primordial qi remains strong, the fires of destiny are kindled and the influence of heaven remains strong.

Talk about how lovable babies are. Babies are just themselves, living their original nature – as their core selves. Recognise that the baby/young self is still a part of you. Take a deep breath and feel where this younger self resides – point to the spot. Comfort this core self, make peace with it and imagine shedding much of the created self/ mask that we have worn since our youth and becoming more an expression of our core self – at peace with feeling our feelings, expressing our feelings, acting spontaneously and just being.