Specialised Activation for Freeze (PNS)

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Social Nervous System
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Specialised Activation for Freeze (PNS)

Useful for clients with avoidance behaviour, emotional shutdown, inability to leave the house, low will, sleep apnea, slow heart rate, and also potentially for stuttering.

This process is useful where the client is not in freeze as they walk into the clinic but have particular trigger/s that engage freeze regularly. If they are already activated do the generalised Soc NS balance.

Activate and P/L:

Activate end of stage two Moro hold breathe out

Playact or visualise freeze (situations specific to the client) Imagine heart stopping

Freeze emotion points: Lv1, SJ18, Ht8, St34, Bl19

Discuss and activate any significant terrors or major stressors Stuck because of fear points (Wood water points) – Lv8, GB43 Paralysis points: Sp7, SJ17

Extreme shock/Coma points: Gv26, Pc8&9, H9

Eyes open and closed, in the dark, eye modes + colour

Reticular Activating System (brain stem Gv16+coma points Gv26, Ht9, SI1, Pc9) Gv16+Cv12 (vagal connection to gut)

Palpate gut Stimulate SNS:

  • Have the client move, monitor postural muscles
  • Ki yang points: Ki7, Gv4, Cv6
  • Warrior pose
  • Hypothalamus Gv25
  • Adrenals: CL, muscles, Ki A/P
  • Thyroid: LI18, CV23, muscles Heart rate: Pc6, Ht muscles Blood pressure: Gv20, Bl17

Digestion: St & Sp A/Ps, St36, St40 Core muscles

Breathing: Lu9 + Breathe into the diaphragm, long deep breaths, lung and diaphragm muscles [objective is to increase oxygen intake]

Rub (to activate) all amygdala points

CH combinations of Lv1 and other amygdala points Access issues around danger and terror

Age recess – find key causal event


Soc NS treatments

  • Jaw, cranials, cranial reflexes, neck muscles, eye muscles, scalp
  • Harmonic technique on neck
  • ESD fear balance
  • Progressive muscle relaxation with focussing or felt sense

Clear Bl9 and/or Bl10 and/or Gv16 against:

  • Vaccines, viruses, bacteria
  • Freeze emotion points (Lv1, SJ18, Ht8, St34, Bl19) - Check DCC on Ki or Bl, and/or a VRP - Check/clear amygdaloid emotion points
  • Check against stuck in fear points Ki4, Ki10, Lu7, Lu8, LI6, LI1, Bl58, and Bl66 - Check/clear senses points (GB44, GB11, Bl8)
  • Check/clear eye modes - Gv16 – 100% access
  • Bl9 – 100% access - Bl10 – 100% access - GB20 – 100% access - St8+Gv24 – 100% access - Gv20+Gv16 – 100% access - Bl62 – 100% access
  • Ki6 – 100% access - Ht7 – 100% access
  • Gv17 U100% access (heartUbrain)
  • Check points related to likely active sense/s vision: Bl1+St1+GB1

hearing: SI19+SJ21+GB2 smell: LI20+Bl10+Gv25 taste: SI5

touch: check A/Ps, find cutaneous region/s, stimulate, DI clear - Check Ki, Bl spirit points

  • Check other spirit points
  • CH: Pelvic, cranial and neck righting reflexes