Fight/ Rage/ Confrontation (SNS)

Fight/ Rage/ Confrontation (SNS)

Mode Category
Balance Type
Social Nervous System
Balance for

Fight/ Rage/ Confrontation (SNS)

Fight is an assertive response to fear. Road rage, explosive behaviour is common, like an animal lashing out to defend itself.

Activate and P/L:

Moro flex reflex: breathe out and curl into a ball

Stand straight clench fists, grimace, clench jaw, and imagine confrontation Activate kyphosis/stooped posture if appropriate

Eyes open and closed, in the dark, shine torch in eyes to constrict pupils Rage/Fight emotion points: Ki1, Lv2, Gv12, Bl18, Ki9, GB43

Reticular Activating System (brain stem Gv16+coma points Gv26, Ht9, SI1, Pc9) Muscles of movement – gaits, pelvic and flexor arm muscles

Hypothalamus Gv25 Adrenals: CL, muscles, Ki A/P Thyroid: LI18, CV23, muscles Heart rate: Pc6, Ht muscle

Blood pressure: Gv20, Bl17, St40 Immune system: Bl11, Bl12, LI4 Breathing: Lu9

Digestion: St & Sp A/Ps, St36, St40

Rub (to activate) all amygdala points/CH combinations of Lv2 and other amygdala points GB & Lv A/Ps & muscles

Palmar reflex

Activate SocNS: jaw, cranials, cranial reflexes, relax heart rate on out breath Challenge wood or fire beliefs

Age recess to find key causal event


Clear SocNS

  • Jaw, cranials, cranial reflexes, neck muscles, eye muscles, scalp
  • Harmonic technique on neck
  • ESD fear balance
  • Progressive muscle relaxation with focussing or felt sense Clear palmar reflex

Clear Bl9 and/or Bl10 and/or Gv16 against:

  • Vaccines, viruses, bacteria - Check/clear amygdaloid emotion points
  • Check/clear senses points (GB44, GB11, Bl8)
  • Check/clear eye modes - Gv16 – 100% access
  • Bl9 – 100% access - Bl10 – 100% access - GB20 – 100% access - St8+Gv24 – 100% access - Gv20+Gv16 – 100% access - Bl62 – 100% access
  • Ki6 – 100% access
  • Ht7 – 100% access
  • Gv17 – 100% access (heart/brain) - Check points related to likely active sense/s

vision: Bl1+St1+GB1 hearing: SI19+SJ21+GB2 smell: LI20+Bl10+Gv25 taste: SI5

touch: check A/Ps, find cutaneous region/s, stimulate, DI clear

  • Check spirit points particularly Lv and GB

CH: Pelvic reflexes