Anticipated Pleasure /Elation (SNS)

Anticipated Pleasure /Elation (SNS)

Mode Category
Balance Type
Social Nervous System
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Anticipated Pleasure /Elation (SNS)

Useful for clients with issues around addictions, lust and sexual pleasure, high risk impulsiveness, and seeking behaviour.

Activate and P/L:

Taste (imagine positive tastes or eat pleasurable foods) + smells

Discuss and activate any tendencies towards addictiveness/impulsiveness

Touch (imagine or have them hug a loved one), also check for specific types of touch Pc + Ht A/P and imagine intimacy

Pc 6 + SJ5 (intimacy points)

Lv14 – gateway to hope (expectation of pleasure is the prime motivator) Dancing and/or skipping, Foetal position (comfort), hug self

Muscles of movement – gaits, pelvic and flexor arm muscles

Sp21 (nurturing point) & Cv8 / Hold and/or rub gently around belly button Pleasure emotion points: St40, Ht7, Gv13, SJ12

CH: Addiction balance and indicators CH: Blood sugar regulation indicators Hypothalamus (Gv25)

Serotonin + dopamine vials Adrenals: CL, muscles, Ki A/P Heart rate: Pc6, Ht muscle Fire A/Ps & muscles

Yin tang (Gv24.5)

Challenge earth or fire beliefs

Age recess to find key causal event


Clear SocNS

  • Jaw, cranials, cranial reflexes, neck muscles, eye muscles, scalp
  • Harmonic technique on neck\ ESD fear balance
  • Progressive muscle relaxation with focussing or felt sense Clear Bl9 and/or Bl10 and/or Gv16 and/or Ht7 against:
  • Vaccines, viruses, bacteria - Check/clear amygdaloid emotion points
  • Check/clear senses points (GB44, GB11, Bl8)
  • Check/clear eye modes - Gv16 – 100% access
  • Bl9 – 100% access - Bl10 – 100% access - GB20 – 100% access - St8+Gv24 – 100% access - Gv20+Gv16 – 100% access - Bl62 – 100% access
  • Ki6 – 100% access - Ht7 – 100% access
  • Gv17 – 100% access (gateway from heart to brain)
  • Check points related to likely active sense/s

vision: Bl1+St1+GB1 hearing: SI19+SJ21+GB2 smell: LI20+Bl10+Gv25 taste: SI5

touch: check A/Ps, find cutaneous region/s, stimulate, DI clear

  • Check spirit points particularly Ht, SJ, SI, Pc, St, Sp

CH: Pelvic, cranial and neck righting reflexes

CH: Ren Mai, Yin Wei Mai, Yin Qiao Mai, Sp, Ht, Pc