Session Plan for Clients with Poor Brain Function in Many Areas

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Session Plan for Clients with Poor Function in Many Areas

  1. H/L a range of problematic functions:
    • Marching with eye modes, X’s (cross lateral) or I I’s (unilateral), and colour
      • Cross lateral, homolateral, changing from homolateral to cross and back again.
    • Combinations of different colours with eye modes, X’s or I I’s
    • Gaits
      • Muscle check all combinations + homolateral gait.
    • Primitive reflex movements
    • Static and dynamic balance tests - eyes open and closed
    • Catching
    • Near and far vision
    • Reading to self and out loud
      • then ask questions to check
    • Speaking, particularly something personal
      • Have client read out
    • Hearing and responding to two people speaking simultaneously with loud background noise
    • Memory digit span test or repeating directions
  2. Check Primary Brain Points, I/C clear (hold for 1-2mins), prechecks
  3. Challenge Integrative Function points or Senses, I/C shows area to address
  4. Find priority Integrative point or sense then clear that section as thoroughly as possible – ticking off list as you proceed