One hour Approaches to Balancing.

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One hour Approaches to Balancing.

Learning difficulty Approach.

Sessions 1

Do assessments:

  • Full Brain function assessment.
  • Full Primitive and postural reflex Assessment.
  • Discuss option of doing Hair tissue analysis and why this may be important.
Sessions 2
  • Comprehensive report. Discuss with client or Parents so they have a good understanding what you found and what you are proposing.
  • Discuss the outcome of the Hair tissue Analysis Report.
Session 3-20
  • Where you will start does depend on the outcome of assessment. However here is a Basic order
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity first. ( You may nutritional support here, foot patches, liver balancing, detox balancing)
  • Moro reflex. ( 1-4 sessions, may need to balance few times)
  • Vestibular Balance Issues. (Important to address early, include PRYT in balancing, Vestibular nuclei, Cranial nerve VIII, Cerebellum).
  • ATNR reflexes
  • General Brain Function (Integration of hemispheres).
  • Other reflexes
  • Memory issues
  • Higher order functions like reading, speaking, writing, and maths.
  • Within the session the key is to activate through function tasks all the time especially for Brain function and reflexes"

TCM Body Psychology approach

  • Full head to toe intake, spend time on this and do it well
  • Put client on table- Tune into the energy of the client, sit behind them hold the occiput and tune to the energy of the client (can take 2-5 minutes)
  • Activate constitutional points (Extra 8 master points).
  • Palpate all 8 channels fast, however if you find something spend time to activate and discuss with client.
  • Find emotional context, Hologram attitudes are excellent here, specific emotions of master points or Point from VHS or Dao.
  • Challenge for other activations- anything you know
  • Palpate spine
  • Find VRP (always)
  • IP/DI to balance.

Body Psychology approach

  • Full Body Psychology Intake
  • Include Head to toe, Pulses and Tongue (20-45min)
  • On table activate body based on intake outcomes
  • Use Dao and Numbers to counsel
  • IP/DI for balance

Structural Approach

Discuss Issue

  • Do orthopedic assessment or at least pelvis assessment
  • Visualize positive and negative aspect of issue and HL (can spend 5 minutes on building the visualizations)
  • Put client on table activate muscles, facial trains usually spend few minutes on this.
  • Use Chakras or Acupoint to find a belief often a limiting belief. Very often identify a limiting belief that client has.
  • IP/DI to balance

All about Energy and Space

Prepare room for session.

  • Spend 5 minutes connecting to own inner self and ask for guidance and help.
  • Bring client in. Ask them to tell you their story and listen, don't ask another question until they finish
    • Present client with 10 stones and ask them to chose from the heart, don't think about it.
    • Get client on table. Place client hands over heart, ask them to connect to inner self
    • Often would hold occiput or Upper kidney points. Connect to their energy.
    • Find psychology context, usually do attitudes with essence. Challenge Open points and discuss context if relevant. If not challenge spirit sub/mode and challenge spirit points, discuss
    • Take client through metaphors, inner child visualization, story... something that will allow them to reflect on life through different set of eye.
    • IP/DI- often chakra or Hologram from attitudes or Holding open point.