General point balancing procedure

Balance Type
Vibrational Healing Systems
Balance for
Mode Category
Points' Channels

General Procedure for Balancing Points

Activating Channels

  1. Monitor AK muscle
  2. Monitor sinew channel muscle + range of movement for muscle
  3. Sinew channel activation (see list on page 190)
  4. Activate and P/L cutaneous region

Extra Options When Holding Points

  1. Look up point and discuss context with client
  2. Check what is required for the point -Hold the point +
    • VRP?
    • Oil, essence, colour, crystal, tai shin?
    • Reading Description and context
    • Visualisation?
  3. DI to clear any remaining stress
  4. CH muscle associated with the point + hold VRP (Challenging suppression)
    • If I/C hold point for longer or DI