General point balancing procedure

Mode Category
Balance Type
Vibrational Healing Systems
Balance for

General Procedure for Balancing Points

Activating Channels

  1. Monitor AK muscle
  2. Monitor sinew channel muscle + range of movement for muscle
  3. Sinew channel activation (see list on page 190)
  4. Activate and P/L cutaneous region

Extra Options When Holding Points

  1. Look up point and discuss context with client
  2. Check what is required for the point -Hold the point +
    • VRP?
    • Oil, essence, colour, crystal, tai shin?
    • Reading Description and context
    • Visualisation?
  3. DI to clear any remaining stress
  4. CH muscle associated with the point + hold VRP (Challenging suppression)
    • If I/C hold point for longer or DI