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Why closing a session properly is important to help support the client, and ensure a smoother integration.


Often when we are dissolving stress, emotions or stress comes to the surface this may be consciously understood or not. However this can be lot for the individual processes, especially if they are early in the journey of letting something go. So feeling tired, or “hit like a bus” happens.

Sort of like doing detox. When clients start detox diet and they really need it, they can feel like bad at start. After few days or a week, depending how much body is detoxing, they start feeling better and better than before. So when we work with clients sometimes the same can occur as they detox energetically or emotionally, or if there is a structural correction or some kind of release.

Closing a session and integration

If this is happening with all the clients you could also be the people that you are attracting and working with and they have lots and lots of things to let go. It could also be that they are not being grounded properly at the end of a session.

Often if it’s a big session it’s good practice to spend enough time at the end to ground the client properly and then give them homework advice to make sure that they take care of themselves.

Also some people process things more slowly or deeply and need time to integrate trauma release. It can also depend on how much is being released and what they have been through.

Preparing for correction

Before correction ask permission to correct to make sure the client is ready for corrections and their body has the available resources to take on the correction. If no, ask resource required: Water, Grounding, Movement, Brain Integration or breathing.

You can get more specific with each of these such as amount of water, breaths, mins holding points, type of movement etc. You may even get a ‘No’ until the next session.

Closing a session

Also use this list as optimal resources for the client (post session) to create the best environment for the body to integrate the session. Such as amount of litres of water, hours of sleep, sunlight, earthing, any movement (A good practice is to get them to walk for 20 mins after each session regardless).

Also usually it’s the first 1-2 sessions that have the most up and down response and when you start working with complex cases this is something to look out for.

It’s good practice to always educate clients on this as a normal part of the human organism restoring its homeostasis. If they are stressed and they come to see you and they are tired it’s a normal response.

Grounding techniques

  • bilateral marching
  • holding Kidney 1 pts
  • holding primary brain pts
  • a specific crystal, (known for grounding)
  • rubbing cranial pelvic reflexes
  • Walking
  • Earthing
  • Warm Shower

Integration and homework

The home work can be from the session so the reinforce (repetition key to integration) so if a VRP comes up they can hold that too.

Continuing to keep the goal in mind, and support with activities in line with the balance-from meditation, to movement. Mind body medicine has homework from a yin or yang deficiency point of view. REF...

If brain function is part of the balance, then some of the reflex exercises are the homework.

Sometimes using card sets for homework as this is a great guide.


Further to this, if your client does experience a rough patch after a balance you can reassure them that what they are experiencing can be a normal response following a big balance when we are dissolving stress, as emotions or more stress can come to the surface. Because we are working on helping theirmind-body connection, they might be also more acutely aware of what is happening in their body, more so than previously.

Encourage them to maintain a healing mindset will be helpful, as this avoids resisting and suppressing again. You can also re-ground again, and the client can do this by standing barefoot on the earth, or by holding Kidney-1 on both feet. And if they are worried about how they are feeling that they should reach out for support.