20 minute balances

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20 min Demo
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Run the meridian

  1. Discuss issue and hip lock
  2. Go through Alarm points and check tenderness and priority - discuss channel psychology
  3. Run the meridian by checking each point for tenderness and feel (tuning in)
  4. Rub/hold point - check psychology and explore
  5. If spirit point, do the spirit point visualisation, if not just hold

Age recession

  1. Discuss issue and hip lock
  2. Go through alarm points and check priority
  3. Load the channel psychology and discuss with client
  4. Age recession and discuss relevance
  5. Find specific point or VRP and hold

Emotional Stress

  1. Counsel to find issue
  2. Alarm points to identify meridians to focus on using priority
  3. Discuss priority meridian psychology
  4. Identify emotion
  5. Felt sense to find emotion in the body and activate
  6. Connect with alternative emotional state preferred using felt sense and activate
  7. Identify appropriate balance point and hold

Physical issue

  1. Work with relevant meridian
  2. Find relevant point on the meridian
  3. Luscher colour to find more context
  4. Hold the point

Touchy Feely

  1. No particular issue
  2. Find relevant flower essence
  3. Felt sense and find relevant emotion and then relevant channel
  4. Activate cutaneous regions
  5. Find relevant point
  6. Hold with felt sense

Body Psych

  1. Find issue/goal
  2. Tongue analysis - brief conversation re symptoms
  3. Check alarm points and find relevant channels
  4. Activate relevant cutaneous regions and TCG muscles
  5. Use conditions page to find relevant points or body area and hold

Body vibration

  1. Alarm points: associated muscles and context
  2. VRP: Context and eye modes
  3. DI past resolution related to VRP (if can't connect)
  4. Recheck AP, muscles, VRP and eye modes