St12 Que Pen – Broken earthenware pot

Mode Category
Balance Type
Yin Qiao Mai PointsEmotions Spirit and DestinyAdvanced VHS/MBMYang Wei Mai Points
Balance information
Balance for
nourishment isolated alone disconnected receive connected open self connect self connect others connect inwards self nourishment needy boundaries

The characters of this point relate to a broken or chipped pot or bowl. The broken pot cannot hold nourishment like the parched land cannot absorb the waters from the first rains. Without nourishment a person will feel isolated, alone and disconnected. This point helps us to be able to receive and feel nourished and connected again. The key is to open ourselves and enable ourselves to connect with our self and others again. By connecting inwardly we are able to nourish ourselves and mend our pot. Then the bounty of life will begin to fill the cup and life will nourish us.

This point can be helpful where we feel overly needy and have inappropriate boundaries regarding our needs and the needs of others.

Imagine: a broken clay pot. It cannot hold water and food anymore until it is fixed. The pot is symbolic of you being able to open up and receive nourishment. Allow yourself to mend the pot and imagine using it to be able to eat and drink the most wonderful foods and water until your belly is full and you feel content.