Sp11 Ji Men – Gateway to a harvest basket made of bamboo

Mode Category
Balance Type
Emotions Spirit and DestinyAdvanced VHS/MBMYin Wei Mai Points
Balance information
Balance for
nourishment depletion fully engaged contented

Sp11Ji Men – Gateway to a harvest basket made of bamboo

Location: 8 cun above the medial patella on line from medial patella to Sp12 which is 3.5 cun lateral of pubic bone.

The characters for this point relate to a bamboo basket used to store the fruits of the harvest. This point provides a source of nourishment to draw on when required. Inner nourishment provides a basis for us to fully engage in life and feel contented.

Imagine: passing through a gateway to a room full of nourishing food and drink. This is not ordinary food. This fresh, nutritious, life giving, succulent, smells and tastes better than any food you have had before. You may sit down at the table and eat and drink until you are content. This meal is symbolic of the nourishment we derive when we truly nourish ourselves and live our truth.