Ki20 Tong Gu – Open flowering valley

Mode Category
Balance Type
Emotions Spirit and DestinyAdvanced VHS/MBMChong Mai Points
Balance information
Balance for
overcoming fear overcome doubt loss of faith feeling lost lost in life overly driven deep seated fears open heart nourishment

Ki20 Tong Gu – Open flowering valley

Location: 5 cun above umbilicus, 0.5 cun lateral of midline.

Tong relates to a blossoming or opening. Gu is a valley. Valleys are receptive and fertile. In moving beyond Ki19 (the yin capital) we come to a passage through a valley. This passage can be difficult when we are plagued by doubts or fear. If our heart does not brighten the way, we can lose faith in our journey. This point is useful for someone who feels lost in their process of healing or lost in life. It can also be useful for overly driven people who continually seek to achieve driven by their own deep seated fears.

When we are open to the heart we are naturally more receptive and enriched by spirit without making any effort. A valley receives gifts of warmth and rain. It provides a basis for fertility. We can feel nourished and warm when we stop thinking of ourselves as alone and separate and recognise that we are connected to all the universe, and this connection provides all the nourishment that is required for us to enjoy our life and achieve our destiny.

Imagine: walking into a dark valley. Brighten the valley by letting the sun penetrate the clouds. The clouds represent your deep seated fears that prevent you from embarking on or enjoying your journey. The sun represents the brightness that comes from opening up to your heart and its innate connection to life and spirit. Watch how the valley transforms with brightness that comes from being open to your heart.