GB28 Wei Dao – The binding of one’s path

Mode Category
Balance Type
Emotions Spirit and DestinyAdvanced VHS/MBMDai Mai Points
Balance information
Balance for
hold fast to path walking upright true path clear vision open to spirit open to innate nature

GB28 Wei Dao – The binding of one’s path

Location: 0.5 cun medial and inferior of GB27.

Wei is drawn as silk threads and a short tailed bird. Birds have the ability to see from great heights. Together this symbolises a vision that is tied together and reaches out. The Dao relates to our true path in life.

This point helps us hold fast to our path. Walking upright and adhering to our true path. When we have a clear vision, we can more easily move towards that vision. Clear vision comes when we are open to our inner nature/spirit. This point helps us bind and adhere to this true path.

Visualisation: Imagine being in a empty space, free to move in all directions. Behind you is your past. You may now choose to move in any direction. Reach inside and sense where your true path lies. Then with certainly begin to walk that path.