Du5 Xuan Shu – Suspended Pivot

Mode Category
Balance Type
Emotions Spirit and DestinyAdvanced VHS/MBMDu Mai Points
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Balance for
true nature move with ease realise full potential destiny

Du5 Xuan Shu – Suspended Pivot

Location: Below L1.

Ease of conduct in my life in terms of expressing my own unique nature and unfolding my destiny. This point has the connotation that you as a human are suspended from heaven like one vertebra is suspended from another.

This point relates to our ability to conduct ourselves in life in a manner that is in keeping with our own nature. It helps us to move through life with more ease. Our destiny relates to being able to unfold our true nature in life and realise the full potential of our unique nature. This point helps our destiny to unfold with more ease.

Visualise: Imagine walking through a gate and with each step you take you feel lighter and lighter, more free to move, as if you are partly suspended by an invisible force that offsets the effect of gravity and allows you perfect ease of movement, flexibility and grace. This invisible force comes from being in contact with external spirit and using this energy in your life.