Du18 Qian Jian – Strength of quiet emptiness

Mode Category
Balance Type
Emotions Spirit and DestinyAdvanced VHS/MBMDu Mai Points
Balance information
Balance for
strength stillness endurance power emptiness true path self belief inner strength impetus for change transformation heart-head heart strength

Du18 Qian Jian – Strength of quiet emptiness

Location: 3 cun above Du16, midway between Du16 and Du20.

Qian is a drawn bow that can send an arrow a long distance. It is a symbol for strength, endurance and power. Jian relates to emptiness and stillness. Strength does not come from fighting oneself and others. True strength comes from emptying oneself so that you can follow your true path. When you believe in your path it provides tremendous inner strength.

When you are empty and confronted with an obstacle you either tend to find the smoothest path around the obstacle or transform the obstacle into something useful for your path.

Obstacles can provide the impetus for great change.

This point follows on from Du17 which connects the head and the heart. If the head is full of thoughts it will not be able to connect well to the heart. This point helps the head to empty and take advantage of the strength of the heart and inner self.

When we are at peace with ourselves much can be accomplished.

Meditation: Take three long, slow breaths. Remember a time in your life when you were struck with the awesome beauty of nature. Remember the scene, immerse yourself in that beauty. Open up to the wonder, allow your thoughts to dissolve and your mind to still. Feel that sense of connection and unity with your surroundings. As your mind empties, become aware of your inner feelings, the sense of calm, peace and inner strength.