Du16 Feng Fu – The palace of wind

Mode Category
Balance Type
Emotions Spirit and DestinyAdvanced VHS/MBMDu Mai Points
Balance information
Balance for
wind energy movement and change
Ba Gua

Du16 Feng Fu – The palace of wind

Location: Below occiput in the depression on the midline.

This point has the ability to attract wind. Wind provides a basis for movement and change. Here the wind is stored. It can bring freshness and change like a fresh breeze airs a stuffy room.

Wind provides an impetus for change. It governs and moves the seasons through their cycles. If the wind is too strong it can bring disharmony to the body. A gentle breeze can be refreshing and usher in new change.

Imagine: Walk into the parts of your heart and mind that have been shut off from past hurts. Go and open the windows, allow the sun in and feel the gentle breeze sweep in and take away the stale air and the past hurts. Feel the new, fresh and clear air. Feel this freshness transform your body, renewing your connection with yourself and the world.