Du13 Tao Dao – The transforming fires of the Dao

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Emotions Spirit and DestinyAdvanced VHS/MBMDu Mai Points
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way of spirit true path potential inspiration endure flourish joy solidify changes

Du13 Tao Dao – The transforming fires of the Dao

Location: Below T1.

The characters for this point relate to the way of spirit, our true path and a pottery wheel and kiln where pots are made. This point follows on from the last two points, Du-11Du-11 providing a glimpse of the way, Du-12Du-12 supporting and providing structure for us to journey on that way, and this point providing the potential for this inspiration to not just take form but to be fired in the kiln so that our journey on our true path endures.

It is like the changes we begin to make when we glimpse our true path are here moulded and formed by our own hands into an enduring form.

The character for Tao is also related to joy. So this point reminds us that adhering to our true path opens us to flourish with joy. This point solidifies the changes we make so that we live with ongoing joy.

Imagine: Standing erect and seeing next to you your body as it would be if you were walking your true path. It would abound in health and joy. It would have a lightness and an ease of movement. When you are ready step into this body and feel the changes in your body. Sense your heart beating and open up to the wider world, the world of spirit. Feel the energy and joy that comes from walking your true path.

Ahead of you there is a large kiln that you can walk into. If you walk into this kiln the body you have stepped into will become as one with you. This sense of openness to spirit and your way will endure in your life. When you are ready walk into the kiln. It is bright, warm, radiant, beautiful. Feel your new body congeal and form seamlessly with you. It feels light, healthy, abundant and full. When you are ready you may walk out of the kiln and into life journeying on your true path.