Spirit Door - Chakra mode on Crown Chakra with E/M24

Mode Category
Balance Type
Emotions Spirit and Destiny
Balance information
Balance for
self-love heart-brain integration headaches sleep memory learning difficulties

Spirit Door Chakra mode on Crown Chakra with EM24

For self-love, heart-brain integration, headaches, sleep, memory and learning difficulties.


  • Explain nature of spirit – eg favourite place in nature, meditation
  • Have they ever been in a state of total peace in the bush/ on the beach?
  • Find colour, P/L with integration symbol through all eye modes
  • Ask them for a felt sense – where is the inner self located in the body?
  • Hold GV20 and MHN1 (1 bin forward, backward, left and right of GV20)
  • Have them visualise inner self as a ball of energy of the colour above
  • Restate the issue/goal and state the inner self is peace, harmony, balance and love
  • Feed the flame in the centre of the ball with the in/ out breath until it bursts through the top of the head and bottom of the feet
  • Feel it permeate the body
  • Feed it with the breath until is encompasses the room, building, city, connects with all the flickers/flames in other people, animal, plants and mother earth, country, world, solar system, universe, god.
  • Speak about how this universal energy is available for our own use (when we are in this state of mind of universal love), allow this energy in to add to ball of energy. Hold heart A/P and top of head + visualise physical and emotional problems as black spots in body/aura - break up black spots with ball of energy and hold K1.