Ki4 Da Zhong Full Cup/Bell

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fear loneliness disconnection distrust ourselves overthinking vigilance balance fear internal knowing stillness vitality


Acupuncture Points

Ki4 Da Zhong Full Cup/Bell

Location: In a depression medial but close to the Achilles, below Ki3 and above Ki5

The characters of this point relate to a full cup or bell. This is a very important point for fear, loneliness, disconnection and the need to control the external environment. When we become distrustful of ourselves and others, we begin to overuse our mind to try to be safe. We either become vigilant, looking for signs of danger and running away when afraid, or controlling, trying to shape our environment to be safe. Either approach is an unrelenting strain on our resources. We don't have the option to stop because we feel that it’s too unsafe to stop and be still. Inevitably this will lead to depletion over time, which we either notice as a slow reduction in our vitality or a sudden roadblock to health.

This point helps to balance out these fear responses – calling attention to our own internal bell that rings to alert us to danger – like a town bell ringing. If we connect to and trust this internal knowing, then when the bell is silent, we know we are safe and this allows us to be still and connected with our core. The stillness in turn allows us to recuperate and revitalise our body – regaining vitality over time.

Visualise: A great bell that rings when you are in danger. This bell will be found somewhere deep within you. When you enter its presence you recognise that when it is silent you are safe. Let yourself be still and at peace. When it rings take heed and follow your gut to safety.