Ki3 Tai Xi – Great Mountain Stream

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lost vitality feel tired listless impotent worn down great energy vitality potential guided wisdom core self internal calm stillness
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Ki3 Tai Xi – Great Mountain Stream

Location: halfway from medial malleolus to achiles tendon

This is a key point on the Kidney channel as it is both the yuan point that connects us with our original nature and the earth point that nourishes in our life’s journey. This point is useful for those who have lost vitality, feel tired, listless, impotent and worn down in the service of others. Commonly when confronted with a fear of being alone, many seek to be of service to others to connect with them. This pattern leads them to be constantly over-think, and as a result they lose connection with their deeper self. This lack of connection results in numbness and loneliness.

There is great energy and vitality potential in this point, and it allows us to channel that vitality in a balanced way. Instead of wasting our vitality on trying to connect by helping others, this point enables us to connect inwardly and channel our energy into what is most in alignment with our core. Being guided by wisdom instead of our head, we use our vitality to powerfully enact our purpose in life.  Being more internally connected we then in turn feel more connected to those around us and are more able to be close to those we love.

Our personality and our image of ourselves forms as we acquire more and more experiences in life. Often this leads us to constrain our innate expression – trying instead to be what we think we should be rather than who we truly are. This point helps us to use the foundation of our core self as an anchor (by connecting us to our truth) that then enables a proper assimilation of our life experiences. This leads to a recognition of what is and what we are – providing a foundation for internal calm and stillness.

Visualisation: Imagine being high in the mountains overlooking a ravine. In the ravine there is a fast-flowing stream. When you look at the stream there are two things you may see. If you overthink, are overly constrained and constantly driving yourself to continue, you may see the river being blocked by a landslide of earth (which represents your thoughts). If this is the case imagine the river slowly eroding away the earth until it flows freely through the ravine. If you feel like you are worn out to the point you can’t continue then imagine the river as lacking the energy to flow even though there is nothing to impede it. If this is the case, then imagine the river becoming steeper and steeper and as the land transforms the river gains energy and starts to flow freely.