NameElementBa GuaYin/Yang
I open my heart and connect
I open to spirit
I openly receive
I am at one with my core, my life and the universe
I deserve everything doing nothing
I put my inner self first
I allow my spirit to nourish me
I am part of everything
I receive the gifts of spirit
I value my inner self
I nourish and care for me
I live authentically
I allow others to nurture and care for me
I love myself
I am centred
I am responsible for my inner child
My purpose is to be true to myself
I am focused and clear on the present (my present needs)
I nurture and care for me
I mother my inner self
My mind is clear
I am true to myself
I let go of what I do not need
I am true
I am responsible for my feelings
I am ready to love again
I let love into my life
I follow my heart
I openly share my heart
I use my energy to calm and heal my body
I love all my emotions
I express my inner beauty
I open my heart today
I share my joy and happiness with others
I openly express my heart
I shine
I am loveable as I am
I am loved for who I am
I open my heart
I am in love with life
I love all aspects of myself
I am part of creation/humanity/god
I respect all of me
I value all of me
I embody my spirit
I live for my deeper principles
I see the beauty inside myself and others
I value my masculinity/ femininity/ sexuality
I am kind to myself and others
I love and embrace my body
I value myself
I embrace my femininity
I allow myself to be uplifted and inspired ( by others)
I release what no longer serves me
I value my spirit
I value/respect//honour my deeper self
I am worthy regardless of what I do
i value my animal self
I trust in myself and connect with others
I connect to and meet my own needs
I remain confident and calm
I connect with my inner self/wisdom
I connect with all of me
I am brave
I open to the stillness inside
I trust in my wisdom
I am brave enough to --
I am true to myself and connected
I connect with and trust my inner being
I open to the stillness within me
I connect to and trust my innate self
I trust my instincts to keep me safe
I trust my instincts
I trust my intuition
I do what is appropriate for me
My instincts / intuition keep me safe
I follow my destiny
I live my truth
I follow my instincts
I put myself first and am connected
I trust my wisdom to keep me safe
I connect with my inner self / spirit
I accept and flow from my heart
I adhere to / obediently follow my heart
I flow with ease
I flow from inside
I easily let go
I am acceptable regardless of what I do
I freely flow from my core
I accept my core self/ inner self
I accept all of me
I am what is inside of me
I accept all my feelings
I accept myself regardless of what I do
I forgive others and myself
I move forward with inspiration
I am perfect as I am
I am my core self and am accepted