Toxic Emotions E/M11

Balance Type
Emotions Spirit and Desitiny
Balance for
Toxic Emotions Fear Withdrawal Anger Frustration Lack of joy Embarrassment Hurt Sympathy (Excess sensitivity) Grief Disconnect Guilt Paranoia Disconnected Resentment Confused Bitterness Shame Defensive Disgust Disdain Worthless Immobilised Pointless Secrecy Intimidating Aloof Passive aggression Seething Always looking for a new answer Lying Sarcastic Teasing Blush and hide React and push back Prickly Ingratiation Complaining Direct people to be happy Superior Snide Push people away Lack of inspiration Futile

Toxic Emotions E/M11

Toxic emotions refer to the situation where the habitual presence of a particular emotion has prompted a person to turn that emotion back on itself.

For example, the client may have fear of fear or be angry that they are angry. Having lost joy, particularly over a broken relationship a person may feel hatred. If this hatred is turned back on itself, ie. if they hate feeling hatred, then they are likely to become bitter and not open up anymore to others. This secrecy will often make them appear aloof and intimidating.

Toxic emotions often lead to physical illness.


Toxic emotions should be checked and cleared particularly if someone has a diagnosed pathology in an organ or cancer.

The concept of toxic emotions is discussed by Lonny Jarrett in his book Nourishing Destiny.

Five Elements

ElementChart AspectCore EmotionCore emotionsToxic EmotionToxic Behaviour
Central Palace
anger, frustration, indecision
Resentment Confused
Passive aggression Seething Always looking for a new answer
grief; disconnect; guilt
Disdain Worthless Immobilised pointless
Superior SnidePush people awayLack of inspiration Futile
fear, anxiety; withdraw
Paranoia Disconnected
Secrecy intimidating Aloof
over thinking, worry, obsession, sympathy (Excess sensitivity)
Disgust (if advice not followed)
Ingratiation Complaining Direct people to be happy
joy or lack of joy, sadness, connection; embarrassment; Hurt
Bitterness ShameDefensive
Lying Sarcastic Teasing Blush and hide React and push back Prickly


  1. Use element modes or scan to find priority element H/L
  2. Challenge priority aspect/ aspects from list above H/L
  3. Discuss with client
  4. Activate Hardware associated with the element – muscles, cutaneous regions
  5. Hold the following points together with the VRP (choose the points associated with the involved element).

Toxic emotion points

ElementCore Pointssedate and tonify
Wood toxic emotion points
Lv4 (sedate) + Sp1 (tonify)
Water toxic emotion points
Ki3 (sedate) + Ht3 (tonify)
Fire toxic emotion points
Ht3 (sedate) + Lu10 (tonify)
Earth toxic emotion points
Sp1 (sedate) + Ki3 (tonify)
Metal toxic emotion points
Lu10 (sedate) + Lv4 (tonify)

The first point drains the aggressive qi energy, the second supports the first in removing stagnation associated with the first point. The third point drains the source of the aggressive qi and the fourth point moves this qi on through the control cycle.