Meridian Reference Charts

Meridian Reference Charts

These new Meridian Charts are complete and contain an overview of the channel, with mapping of the key points, cutaneous regions, characteristics in harmony, motivators and symptoms.

Also a quick reference for TCM muscles with glyphs to help jog memory for muscle monitoring.

I have produced pre-printed versions of these which are now available for purchase.

Sample Meridian Chart for Bladder channel. Useful reference for kinesiology.
Sample Meridian Chart for Bladder channel. Useful reference for kinesiology.

Purchase the hardcopy charts

What you get

Printed on recycled, pure white card stock, and with a matt laminate, these will make a great addition to your practice kit by integrating content from across many disciplines into one set of versatile, long lasting reference charts. Designed to be used with clients in an easy to read and visually appealing style.


Each set of 22 charts comes with:

  • Balance worksheet and meridian summary quick reference card
  • Five Shu Point reference chart based on TFH diagram
  • Cutaneous regions based on CCM/Corby/Deadman cutaneous regions
  • Muscle reference charts using "muscle guy" created by Cam to remind the muscle movements for the TCM muscles
  • 12 Meridian detailed reference charts grouped by element, eg Bladder and Kidney are flip sides on one another. Each chart:
    • Maps all the points
    • Labels the key points
    • Lists the spirit points to easily test against
    • Bladder sheet contains the Spine and Back Shu point reference
    • Lists the Psychology, Symptoms, Motivator and In harmony characteristics
    • Provides an overview of the meridian
    • Lists Yin/Yang, Time of Day, Alarm, Yuan and Luo points, relevant spine relationship and master point in the channel
  • Matt laminated for professional use in clinic with clients, and long lasting life.

Video walkthrough of the prototype

This video shows a prototype of the charts in a glossy format with plastic border edge. The final product is clean cut with no border edge and finished in matt laminate for easier reading in most lighting conditions.

Download 👇

Alternatively you can download the PDF right now for AUD$135. Designed to be printed on A4, these can be laminated or bound as a quick reference balance booklet.