St9 Ren Ying – Receive our humanity

Balance Type
Yin Qiao Mai Points
Balance information
Balance for
receive humanity walk with dignity dignity giving receiving care balance neediness open to receive mother issues s
Forbidden in Pregnancy?
After 2nd monthMoxibustion
Channel Psych
Flow with love and warmth connects to our introverted side allow self reflection how we stand up to ourselves. healthy relationship to our bodies prevent distorted body image connect to sexual identity. grounding & self trust addresses self doubt less scattered
Mode Category

Location: anterior border of stenocleidomastoid, level with tip of adam’s apple.

The characters for this point relate to receiving our humanity and walking with dignity. It is a very useful point for resolving issues around giving and receiving care from others. It helps promote a balance between being closed off to receiving support and being overly needy. It helps us be open to receive and give care as is appropriate for us. It can help resolve issues around our mother, either where we feel there was too much care (stifling) or not enough care (abandoned).