St4 Di Cang – Gathering of the earthly harvest/ earth granary

Balance Type
Yang Qiao Mai Points
Balance information
Balance for
nourishment energy nurture self nourishment receive neediness cravings unmet emotional needs
Channel Psych
attract energy of earth to top of the body moving with agility and grace ease and grace important for walking and gates lateral aspect of the leg and torso balance of yin and yang distribution of wei qi (defensive qi) extroverted side how we stand up to the world helps us respond to external stimuli resolves phlegm misting the mind manic behaviour or paranoia constant rebellion very judgemental cannot stop doing
Forbidden in Pregnancy?
After 5th monthAcupuncture
Ba Gua

St4 Di Cang – Gathering of the earthly harvest/ earth granary

Location: lateral to corner of mouth.

This point is symbolic of the gathering of the harvest. The earth is a source of unending nourishment so long as we care for it. It provides energy and nourishment for our body’s movement and structure. This point enables us to access this energy as well as allowing ourselves to nourish and nurture our self.

This point is useful where there is a dysfunction in our ability to nourish ourselves. This may manifest as neediness, cravings or eating disorders, dysfunctional relationships with our mother or unmet emotional needs from our infancy, a compulsion to give and a reluctance to receive.

This point can help us open to being nourished and nurtured in our life.

Imagine: attending a banquet where all your favourite foods are there for you to sample. The food is full of taste, life and energy. Feel it nourish you to the core. This food is symbolic of the energy and vitality we receive when we nurture our heart.