St 2 Si Bai – The pure white energy of four

Balance Type
Yang Qiao Mai Points
Balance information
Balance for
pureness clear clutter winds of change purity connect inwardly follow true path true self original self
Forbidden in Pregnancy?
After 6th monthAcupuncture
Channel Psych
attract energy of earth to top of the body moving with agility and grace ease and grace important for walking and gates lateral aspect of the leg and torso balance of yin and yang distribution of wei qi (defensive qi) extroverted side how we stand up to the world helps us respond to external stimuli resolves phlegm misting the mind manic behaviour or paranoia constant rebellion very judgemental cannot stop doing

St 2 Si Bai – The pure white energy of four

Location: below the middle of the eye, under the orbit of the eye.

White is the colour of purity and emptiness. This point helps us connect with that pureness within. Four is the number for the seasons and the four winds of change. This point enables the winds to clear away our clutter, so that we can empty and connect with the purity within ourselves. When we connect inwardly we more readily follow our true path - the way of the Dao.

It is through emptiness that we are able to be truly our original self. Thus this point helps us cast aside what holds us back from just being ourselves in our life.

Exercise: breath deeply into your body. With each breath imagine your body becoming whiter and whiter, every cell of your body emitting bright white light. This white light is symbolic of the purity within you, the purity of your spirit.