Spirits, Entities, and Ghosts NEF mode

Balance Type
Individual Sprit Points
Balance information
Balance for
entitiesghostsBrain Integrationbrain
Forbidden in Pregnancy?
After 9th monthMoxibustionAt No TimeAcupunctureContraindicatedAfter 3rd monthAfter 5th monthAfter 1st monthAfter 8th month

13 Ghost Points

These points were traditionally used to treat mania and epilepsy. They all relate to seeing or communicating with ghosts or entities etc. They are also useful for balancing the brain.

GV26, Gv16, Gv23, Cv24, Lu11, LI11, St6, Sp1, Pc7, Pc8, Bl62, Cv1, Haiquan (below tongue)


Check for priority point/s, find context, discuss with client and clear