Ki8 Jiao Xin – Sincere, trusting and good exchanges (xi cleft point)

Balance Type
Yin Qiao Mai Points
Balance information
Balance for
sincere sincerity trust trusting communication truth integrity connection open confident honest relationships faith destiny innate nature
Forbidden in Pregnancy?
Channel Psych
Flow with love and warmth connects to our introverted side allow self reflection how we stand up to ourselves. healthy relationship to our bodies prevent distorted body image connect to sexual identity. grounding & self trust addresses self doubt less scattered
Mode Category


depression 2 cun above Ki-8 (which is between achilles and medial malleolus)

The characters of this point are symbolic of a man having sincere, trusting exchanges with other people. He communicates with truth and acts with integrity. This point helps us connect truly to others. It promotes trusting, open, confident, honest connections with others.

This point can also be used to promote good relationships within ourselves and faith in ourselves. The highest expression of the character Xin (trust) is faith. This point can help us gain faith in our innate nature and our destiny.

Imagine: being in a group of people and feeling comfortable and trusting in them being accepting of you being honest and sincere.