Ki18 Shi Guan – Strong rough stone gateway or stone border

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Chong Mai Points
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inner nature express self integrate with outside
Forbidden in Pregnancy?
After 5th monthAcupuncture
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anxiety disorders heal emotionally through terminal illnesses balances love and logic intergenerational trauma habits essence of who we truly are our authenticity
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Ki18 Shi Guan – Strong rough stone gateway or stone border

Location: 3 cun above umbilicus, 0.5 cun lateral of midline.

The characters for this point are symbolic of a gateway of stone. Having passed through the doorway of infants (K13), we now arrive at the next stage of the journey on the threshold of the upper region of the body that is dominated by the lungs and the heart.

Stone is stable and long lasting. This point provides a basis for linking our inner nature, external spirit (lungs) and how we express ourselves in the world. As we go through the gate we are going beyond our inner understanding to connect and integrate with the outside world and spirit.

Imagine: passing through a stone gateway. Beyond the gateway we connect with all that is around us, seeing how we can best express our inner nature in the world around us.