Balance Type
Nutrition and Structure
Balance information
Balance for


CH mode or tug hair – P/I/C – P/L

  1. CH Na2+, K+, ADH, Vasopressin, Insulin against relevant glands and organs- small intestine, large intestine, kidney
  2. CH for affected tissues ie. organs/glands/muscles/brain - P/I/C - P/L
  3. CH NLs for involved organs/meridians – P/L and briefly activate
  4. Find Context - BP, Eye modes, Emotion, Essence, Amygdala, Past resolution etc and discuss


  1. Drink water, hold a little in mouth or place on CV8
  2. CH for correction:
    • CH Cell Salt Nat Mur (water distributor) - place under tongue
    • Rub NLs (from Indicators step 3)
    • Chakra/hormone balancing if indicated in activation
    • Specific Channel Clearing on Ki or SJ
    • CH all Water element Shu points on hands and feet and clear any that show.
  3. IP/DI until Clear.

Home Reinforcement

Drink quality water, on its own and between meals. When drinking water, hold a small amount of the last mouthful in the mouth with a tab of Nat Mur and stimulate the NLs that were involved.

It also crucial to discuss the client’s sugar and salt intake, and use of diuretics eg. caffeine and alcohol.


Adrenals will use lots of water;

Electrolytes are critical for muscle & heart function