Heavenly Star Balance

Balance Type
Vibrational Healing Systems
Balance information
Balance for
Headache Headache and speech Sinews arms hand skin Digestion Skin throat cold Speech anger eating Lumber pain stiffness of bones and sinews Constipation lumber pain knee Short breath groaning cramps Hip and leg pain Knee and leg Vision lumber pain fright fits walking
Forbidden in Pregnancy?
After 6th monthAcupunctureAt No TimeContraindicatedAfter 1st monthAfter 5th monthMoxibustion
Overview Procedure
Sub-balance or Related-balance
Mode Category

Heavenly Star Balance

These are 12 key points for different key conditions.

Lu7 Headache

LI4 Headache and speech

LI11 Sinews, arms, hand, skin

St36 Digestion

St44 Skin, throat, cold

H5 Speech, anger, eating

Bl40 Lumber pain, stiffness of bones and sinews

Bl57 Constipation, lumber pain, knee

Bl60 Short breath, groaning, cramps

GB30 Hip and leg pain

GB34 Knee and leg

Lv3 Vision, lumber pain, fright, fits, walking