Heaven and Earth Within (Heart / Kidney Axis)

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Balance Type
Emotions Spirit and Desitiny
Balance for
let go of the false selfembrace the true self
Forbidden in Pregnancy?
After 9th monthAcupunctureAfter 1st monthAfter 8th monthMoxibustionAfter 5th month

Heaven and Earth Within: The Heart/ Kidney Axis Sp

The heart stores the Shen and the Kidneys store the Jing. Thus, the link within the human between heaven (Shen) and earth (Jing) comes through the functioning of the heart and the kidneys, and the flows between them.

The Heart/ Kidney Axis


Liver Lv
Liver Lv
Spirit – Hun/Qi


The wood element sits between fire and water in the 5 elements. Its spirit (Hun) is synonymous with Qi and the wood element is responsible for the smooth flow of Qi between water and fire.

Only when we let go of the false self and embrace the true self (Jing) can we bring in the energy of heaven to use for achieving things in our life.


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Heart Ht
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