GB20 Feng Chi – Reservoir of the winds

Balance Type
Yang Qiao Mai PointsYang Wei Mai Points
Balance information
Balance for
decisions move forward clarity clear thinking decisiveness internal conflicts confusion internal battles
Channel Psych
attract energy of earth to top of the body moving with agility and grace ease and grace important for walking and gates lateral aspect of the leg and torso balance of yin and yang distribution of wei qi (defensive qi) extroverted side how we stand up to the world helps us respond to external stimuli resolves phlegm misting the mind manic behaviour or paranoia constant rebellion very judgemental cannot stop doingholding yourself to your nature standing firm following your own path in life may be a lack of will
Forbidden in Pregnancy?
Ba Gua

GB20 Feng Chi – Reservoir of the winds

Location: back of head under occiput, between stemocleidomastoid and upper traps muscle attachments.

The character Feng is symbolic of wind and Chi is symbolic of a moat or reservoir. Wind comes from all directions and penetrates everywhere. Wind moves around obstacles effortlessly. Wind relates to the movement and quickness that is necessary to make decisions. The quickness involved in thoughts is analogous to wind. This point lies on the head and enables us to move and think effortlessly and quickly.

Wind can be gentle or it can be a terrifying force. Our thoughts can be similarly clear and quick or like a storm within – disturbed and confusing. This point is often used to bring clarity and clear decisive thinking to a mind that is confused, disturbed, dizzy and in turmoil. Most often confusion and dizziness are the result of internal conflicts. When we fight our self we get disturbed, annoyed and angry. This transforms the gentle wind promoting movement in our life into a storm or hurricane. In a sense our confusion is symbolic of the internal battle.

Imagine: a major storm, wind gusting disturbing all in its path. This storm is symbolic of the inner turmoil generated when you fight yourself and are not at one with your core nature/spirit. Breathe deeply and imagine the storm calming until there is just a gentle breeze blowing, and there is calm within.